Purpose Of Street Lighting

From the first, the desired street lighting system as a protection to life and property. Testing is really done to show that the path of light is real value in preventing and detecting crime. 

People began to have more confidence to roam the streets at night, and hand in hand with the confidence that comes the growth of society. Good street lighting is a great boost growth and development of a city, which in the presence of street lighting at night, the economy could spin even till night. It instills a sense of civic pride among residents and give the community a good publicity. 

Then, too, it was a relief to traders. The main objective of vendors selling merchandise, it can be specified to attract attention and interest-attractive display window to people on the sidewalk. But how he was to ensure that there will be people on the sidewalk around the store unless there is adequate street lighting system to attract them?

With the arrival of cars in large numbers, running at speeds far exceeding the old horse-drawn vehicles a day earlier, a good street lighting value in facilitating the traffic becomes more apparent. In suburban traffic intensity is not nearly as large as in the city. 

However, it becomes necessary to have a sufficiently high street lighting order to allow the driver to see objects on the road and act before disaster followed him. This proves that of all deaths in the evening due to traffic accidents can be eliminated if adequate street lighting was available. People began to realize that they are paying much more money as a result of accidents and deaths in traffic. Instead of them in an attempt to reduce these losses. It is natural that the steady growth in street lighting must follow.

image source : www.jersey.police.uk
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