Intelligent LED Street Lights and Lighting Communication

Intelligent lighting (Smart Lighting) relates to the communication and sensing function, can carry out remote control (open or closed, light adjusting or changing the color) and control (remote diagnosis) buildings, streets or someone or more lamps.Intelligent lighting for the lamps to provide information, so that it can accord to the use or the ambient light, brightness adjustment.On the other hand, high-brightness white LED Fluorescent Replacement is very suitable for area lighting applications, has a direction, color better better quality, environmental protection and other features, and can conveniently control the opening and the closing, convenient for automatic detection of ambient light to change the brightness, the intelligent LED street lights should be used in more and more popular.

Intelligent lighting communication available wireless or the existing power line infrastructure implementation.Power line is the world's largest copper infrastructure, family or office building in every corner of the power socket, which became a very extensive network coverage.In the light of all lighting lamps are connected to the power line convert electrical energy into light. Power line communication (PLC) has become the main communication and intelligent lighting control link reasonable way. 

inteligent LED street lights pr smart led leghting

A Morimi semiconductor using its advanced semiconductor technology, introduced for the intelligent lighting including communication, sensor, KNX transceiver and protection solutions, contribute to less energy to perform the same task even more, further improve the efficiency, save energy. For example, using A Morimi's PLC modem (such as AMIS-49587), PLC line driver (such as NCS5650) and such as NOA1302 ambient light sensor, which can be easily constructed based on power line networking LED street lamp intelligent control system, contribute to the municipal, power company and commercial enterprise remote control lamp light output, reducing its road network the overall energy consumption.

In addition, in building intelligent temperature control and light control applications, are also available in the twisted pair wiring using A Morimi semiconductor KNX transceiver. KNX networks use lighting control.

Power line communication contributes to the utilities for the distribution network to increase the higher-level functions,mini led light bars so that consumers can control their energy consumption.A Morimi semiconductor with a series of leading spread spectrum frequency shift keying (S-FSK) PLC modem, such as AMIS30585, AMIS49587 and NCN49597 etc..Among them, AMIS-30585 and AMIS-49587 were ARM7 kernel based on micro controller (MCU), AC only support work, each channel maximum baud rate are respectively 1.2 K and 2.4 K; the new NCN49597 based on the ARM Cortex M0 kernel MCU, supports both AC and DC, each channel maximum baud rate amounts to 4.8 K, support CenELec, B, A C and D band, and provides programming software.A Morimi semiconductor is also expected in the second half of 2012, introduced in NCN49597 based on integrated amplifier function of NCN49599 PLC modem. These strong narrowband PLC modem embedded in PHY+MAC, in strict accordance with international standards (FCC, CENELEC, IEC61334-5-1), but in low and medium pressure running on the network, provide the best bill of material (BOM) cost and low energy consumption. KNX transceiver and evaluation board KNX is a consistent with intelligent building standards based on open system interconnect (OSI) network communication protocol.KNX is a combination of the previous three standards, including the European family system protocol (EHS), BatiBUS and the European Installation Bus (EIB or Instabus).KNX supports open standards including: European standards EN50090,high watt led lights ISO/IEC14543-3 international standard, GB/Z 20965 Chinese standard, American Standard ANSI/ASHRAE135. A Morimi Semiconductor provides KNX transceiver NCN5120, NCN5121, NCN5110 and NCN5111, can be used for the connection of electrical and sensor, as building 9600 Potter KNX twisted pair (TP) bus to provide temperature and light control.Twisted pair bus provides data communication and power supply.

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