Street Lighting Fixtures on Solar Cell Lamp

Street lighting is a part of building a complementary way that can be placed on either side of the road or in the middle of the road are enabled to lighting the road or around the neighborhood. The street lights are not only intended to lighting the road itself, but also the intersection, interchange, overpass, flyovers, underpasses and tunnels. This lighting system is available in a single unit of street lighting fixtures comprising a light source (lamp), electric element (the connector to the power supply), optical elements (a reflector and diffuser), the support arm, vertical pillar and foundation of the lamppost.

In a street lighting system planning, there are a few things to note. Even street lighting has been set in the international system because of the importance of light for road users. Installation of a lamp shall be measured in accordance equity ratio of light, so it is important to choose the proper street lighting fixtures. Price comparison between the minimum value of the average value or the maximum value of a quantity of strong lighting for the road surface is called uniformity ratio.

As for the pillar lights can be divided into two. The pillar is an indispensable element in the street lighting fixtures. According to the function, the pillar light is divided into:

1.             Rigid light stanchion
Pole made rigid so that it will withstand the impact. Pole placement is limited, unless the available free space wide enough. Pole models can also be combined with road safety Building.
2.             Stanchion frangible bulbs
Poles that will break easily if hit by yet not give fatal damage. Pole placement is very broad because it can be placed in the area freely though narrow.

Selection of street lighting fixtures must be carried out strictly. There are several types of lamps in accordance with its function for street lighting system, namely:

1.    Low pressure fluorescent tube lights: the average age of 8,000 to 10,000 hours with a power of 18-20 watts and 36-40 watts. Used for collector roads and local roads, this lamp has a fairly high efficiency. In addition, it has an influence on the color of the object that is pretty good.
2.   High pressure mercury gas lamp: the average age of 16,000 to 24,000 hours with a power of 125, 250, 400 and 700 watts. Used for collector roads, local roads and intersections, this lamp has a low efficiency, long life and small lamp size.

The importance of choosing the street lighting fixtures will affect the safety and comfort of road users. Accidents can happen simply because motorists do not see clearly the circumstances surrounding streets. Especially when the rains come, our visibility is only able in a few meters ahead. For that we need to be mounted lamps with good lighting levels.

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