The Relation of Street Lighting and Road Safety

There is a close relationship between street lighting and road safety. Street lighting does not only serves to help the cyclists, pedestrians and riders see clearly the road conditions, but also keep them away from criminal acts. Good street lighting will eventually complicate the criminals do crimes at night. Unfortunately, they are often found broken street lights and less maintenance. Lights more often off before morning really come. As the effect, there are frequent traffic accidents and criminal acts such as robbery.

 There are other functions of the lamp besides the discussion of street lighting and road safety:

  •                 As a navigation road users.
  •                 Provide the environmental beauty.
  •                 Produce the contrast between the object and the surface of the road.
  •                 Improve the safety and comfort of road users, especially at night.
  •                 Supporting environmental safety.

Street lighting and road safety should really be applied properly. To determine the installation of lights, there are some places that have particular concern.

  •                 The width of the right of way which vary in the road.
  •                 Vast place like intersection, interchange, park, etc.
  •                 Places where the horizontal curved shape (curve) sharply.
  •                 Streets fringed.
  •                 Narrow and long road, the overpass and underpass (tunnel).
  •                 Streets with narrow median width , especially for the installation of lights at the median.
  •                 Other places where many road environments interfere with.

There are plans to do relate to the installation of street lights so that the correct street lighting and road safety can run smoothly:

  •                 The volume of traffic, both vehicle and environment as pedestrian, cyclist, etc.
  •                 A typical cross-section of the road, the situation (lay-out) roads and crossroads.
  •                 Road geometry, such as horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, etc.
  •                 The texture of the pavement and pavement types that affect the reflection of light illumination.
  •                 The selection of the type and quality of light, lamp photometric data and the location of the power source.
  •                 Level requirements, operating costs, maintenance costs, so the planning system is effective and economical lighting.
  •                 The development of long-term plans and the development of the surrounding area.
  •                 Data on the location of the accident and vulnerability.

Street lights should be placed well in the streets of the city and countryside. During this time the lights lit up beautifully only in the main street of a city, while the pedestrians is in darkness. It should be the duty of the government to generalize the construction so that people can enjoy the comfort of driving at night. The absence of a maximum treatment indicates that the government has not fully understood the street lighting and road safety.

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