Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Street Lights

The use of LEDs as street lamps can be regarded as a new technology. People are starting to recognize this light since the LED light is produced on a large scale. In fact the LED lights are also preferred because the community has a big advantage for the environment. So the city streets are now filled with LED street lights. However there may be some areas that do not use them. In Indonesia, the government plans to change all street lights will be replaced with LEDs. Moreover, some of the largest lighting companies such as Philips and Panasonic began producing it.



The advantages of LED street lights are cost-effective and environmentally friendly electricity. This type of lamp started receiving a lot of people because it is more durable when compared to bulbs. Actually LEDs had long been found. You can find it when you turn on the computer, speakers, televisions and other electronic furniture. When you turn on the device, there is a small light as a 'ON' sign. The small light emitting diode is familiar called LED. LED is a semiconductor that converts electrical energy into light when an electric current is passed by.

The use of LED street lights is chosen because it has the following advantages:

                LED lives longer than the regular bulbs. It can reach up to 30.000 hours
                LED does not produce UV light, so it is not hot
                LED’s light does not distort the colors
                It has 80%-90% efficiency than the other light. LED supports the low power supply voltage
                It has not mercury (environmentally friendly)
                It is small, so it is more practical


Like other product generally, LEDs have several shortcomings that still makes people to use it. It seems that some of the following deficiencies also affect the Government's consistent use of LED street lights.

                Its prices are too expensive
                Light intensity is small,
                Its influence affect the lifespan of LED lamp

However, the weaknesses in the LED do not make a lot of parties including the government to use the LED street lights. Because of the effectiveness, the LED is superior to other lamps. Even the 8 watt LED lamp will light up brighter than ordinary 20 watts bulbs or fluorescent lamp power. It seems that plan of LED street lamp replacement is not just an issue. Even, many countries have applied this kind of lamp for their street lamp.

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