Street Light Poles Specifications

Today there are many companies that sell street light poles widely. Maybe you will think that the street lights are only used for the lighting system lights on city streets alone. Whereas the production of lampposts like this can be found. The material used is different, depending on the use of lights. For example, garden lighting pole is usually different from the street light poles. Judging from the shape is different. Generally there are many artistic light poles and attractive gardens. While on streetlight poles tend to be straight without any carving.


Street light poles complete with solar power solar power device is suitable for areas not reached by PLN optimally. For existing areas grid, the use of public street lighting solar power will provide savings of up to 50 %-70 % of the cost of care and duty of free PLN. At the time of initial purchase funds it requires expensive, but only once, then stay free of charge monthly maintenance and PLN.

Before defining technical specifications helps you learn first solar powered lights package as needed. Lighting for roads or to the park would have different technical specifications. Choose a package that suits your needs, so you will get the right price and optimal lighting function. One example of street light poles has qualified:

                10-20 watt solar powered light pole height 4-5 meters reference,
                Solar panels 80wp ~ 12v / 10a : 1 piece,
                Controller : 1 unit,
                Box battery : 1 unit,
                Battery 65 ah / 12v VRLA / mf : 1 unit,
                Cables, accessories, fork, clamp, etc,
                White LED lights 10-20 watt: 1 set,
                Application : parks, pedestrian, parking area, office yard, gas station, factory environment, etc.

It is possible that street light poles have unique shapes as well as a light pole at the park. There are carvings around with shiny colors. Lampposts are usually gray, green Tosca, golden yellow and black. The colors are applied is also added to the luxurious feel with a mixture of glitter in the paint.

The price offered for the street light poles are determined by the size and model. Usually pole with antic models offered in the price is quite expensive. For a light pole will give a distinct impression at the sight. Of course you would love to see a pole with beautiful carvings around it rather than lampposts without engraving. Pole model as this is what determines the price.

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