Understanding The Street Lighting Maintenance

The importance of street lighting maintenance should be in line with the treatment. All will be useless if the understanding of the importance of street lights is in the good care. Until now we often found many broken lights and off lamp before morning comes. No wonder if accidents continue to occur if the night before. Atmosphere of dark streets at night is very dangerous pedestrians, cyclists and both riders and drivers. Besides accidents, they are also vulnerable to get crime action. Darkness can increase the chances of someone committing a criminal.


Street lighting maintenance should be performed periodically to determine the potential damage to the lamp. Especially, when the extreme weather comes. Strong winds, storms and heavy rain can damage the light, such as the death of lights, lamps and even rupture of protective lamppost collapsed. So far, damage to street lights usually occurs on the drop and long battery is not replaceable. So that at night, the lights does not turn on. Unfortunately the problems of street lights more often overlooked in a very long time.

Now many find companies are willing to offer his services to clean and treat the street lights. The officers working on the altitude and check all lights. Until now the only street light maintenance work is done routinely in big cities only where the maintenance of street lighting in the area is still very minimal. Street lighting maintenance must be completely understood and implemented by all local governments. The live of the rider is on the condition of the street lights. The function of an actual street lighting is not only to improve the safety and comfort of road users, but also to provide beauty to the environment.

Street lighting maintenance is done by financing electricity consumption is done in conjunction with the electric bill, which set an additional charge to cover the use of electricity. The money collected by the state electricity company subsequently used to pay the electricity bills of State Electricity Company to the Regional Government. This is sometimes felt heavily by some governments. Meanwhile, the emerging alternative energy can minimize the cost of using electricity.

If street lighting maintenance can be done well, undoubtedly the safety and comfort of road users can be increased. When they feel safe driving, walking or cycling, it is not possible number of accidents can be reduced. In addition, criminal acts can also be reduced in line with the loss of opportunities for someone to do evil to others.

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