How to Choose Street Lighting Equipment

Pole is one of the important things of street lighting equipment. This part can not be separated in the manufacture of street light planning. Installation of lights can be applied anywhere, not just on the main street of a city reserved. If you come to the housing, along the driveway lined can be seen landscape lighting. Besides housing, street lights also decorate the entrance to a park or other important buildings. Usually they will use a unique model pole and insert certain ethnic diversity. There is beautiful color in its pole.

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This article will discuss some light pole model as one of the essential elements of street lighting equipment. The first model is the lamppost Siak Sri Indrapura design for ethnic areas. Patterned crown Selembayung with beautiful arrangements and elegant ornaments. Using raw materials with the concept of cast aluminum cast metal 3D. Finishing Siak Selembayung light pole using a special paint that coats Mettex Gold and protect from corrosion. Siak Selembayung ethnic lampposts can be mounted 1, 2 or 3 arms ornament lights.

The second model is predominantly red and blue with still favor the ethnic areas. In addition to the lights, beautiful floral decoration engraved metallic blue. The specifications are as follows:

1.             Applied: urban areas, public facilities, city gate, the main square area, city street light poles, characterized by a typical region, the symbol/logo area, decorative light poles, lampposts typical of city/area, street light poles, lampposts with city logos.
2.             Material: black pipe, cast aluminum ornament, mercury lamp, cobra style lamp armature, the primary active coating. The height of this street lighting equipment is 6-8 meters.
3.             Technical parameters:
Light source: Mercury or Sodium.
Lamp fixture protection grade: IP65 / 54/55.

The third model is predominantly green and yellow with applications in the form of one lamp. This street lighting equipment has flowers carved on the top of the mast. The height of the mast is 6 to 8 meters. While the last light pole model can be applied four round newfangled lights. There is predominantly green color with beautiful carvings on its peak. The price offered for all models lamppost ranging $ 415 to $ 665.

Another street lighting equipment ornament is a power pole sleeve that can be used to install the main street lamps and rural roads. There are many models and materials for lamp arms ornament, such as L models, Tee, parabolic or custom models with ornate. The materials used can be galvanized pipe or steel pipe with black paint finish. Arm ornament lampposts and accessories sold with the clamp bolt nut.

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