Any Street Lighting Specifications

There are so many kinds of street lights are available. Technological developments forced the producers to create energy-saving lamps, but having high quality. Several types of street lighting specifications are LED and solar-powered lights. Both lights is known for its quality. For solar-powered lights, it is very suitable applied in areas not reached by electricity well. Therefore, these areas should take advantage of solar power lights. The resulting light is also quite good and capable of illuminating the road. This article will discuss some of the specifications of LED street lights and solar lights.

LED lights with solar power

Philips is the old company engaged in the lights. One of the best products are LED lights and solar powered. This street lighting specifications is:

                2 units of Solar Cell Module 85WP,
                1 unit battery box with the size and robust design,
                MCB , MCB and BCR 12v rails 20 amperes of EP MPPT Solar,
                2 units 12v Solar Battery - 65 AH,
                1 set of LED lights Philips LumiLED SPL M30 - 2 years warranty,
                1 unit octagonal pole 7 meters,
                1 sett cable lamp + solar cell.

The advantages of those street lighting specifications are as follows:

                70 percent more energy efficient (35 watt is equivalent to 130 watt),
                Original from USA CREE LED technology or Philips Lumited,
                Single LED design so it is easy to care,
                Input : 85-264V AC , 277V or 12VDC - 24 vdc,
                Drivers are reliable and durable,
                Controlling light and ignition timing so that the energy-saving,
                Unique optical design and illumination angle necessarily suited to motorway,
                If it is too hot, the lamp will automatically drop.

LED lights without solar power

The second street lighting specifications is a 50 Watt LED light with extra cooling using single chip LED eyes, good quality, fitted extra large coolers behind the lamp body. This makes the life becomes longer. Housing made of corrosion resistant aluminum and waterproof IP65. There is an option of 30 watt lamp or 50 watt with 220VAC power supply voltage. It is highly suitable for use in a residential area, warehousing, the highway, or shopping complexes, etc.

Other models of street lighting specifications are LED 30 Watt 220V convex lens. LED street lamp in the form of highly-efficient electric energy consumption, using the type of LED light 30 Watt 220V with additional convex lenses are very helpful reflected light into a very bright light and a wider area of the irradiation light, highly electric power saving, thick cast aluminum housing of rain and hot weather resistant, stronger, light brighter and saving electricity.

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