Knowing Street Lighting Design

Living in the increasingly sophisticated technological developments, there are various kinds of street lighting design that is created in order to find quality products at affordable prices. LED lamp type is now more frequently used because of the advantage that it provides exceeds such as neon and light bulb. Not only that, the source of energy for lighting now also developed through the solar cell.


One of the street lighting design is a solar-cell LED lights. Street lights solar cell is highway lighting with an energy source of solar cell or the sun, using a single light LED 60 watt High Power LEDs have extremely efficient energy, equivalent to 350 W light bulbs metal halide or mercury, very bright but giving efficient power, poles used for maximum 7-9 meters, very good quality, large fitted extra cooling make the lamp life becomes longer. Housing made of corrosion resistant aluminum and waterproof IP65.

Various advantages granted lights make this type of solar cell street lighting design suitable applied for

                Plantation area.
                Mining area.
                Rural or village are not reached by the electricity.
                Street lights, landscape light, dock lights, parking lot lights, remote highway lights, rural road lights, lights tours, plantation street lights, mining street lights and others.

A street lighting design consists of a light source (lamp or luminaries), optical elements (reflectors and diffusers), electrical element (the connector to the power supply), supporting structure consists of a support arm, the pillar and foundation of the lamppost. In the installation of a street lamp can not be done arbitrarily. It means that there are certain rules and techniques in installing it. As with any set visibility for the riders:

1.             The views glare
That is the view which occurs when a bright light came into the vision area motorists who cause discomfort inability view even when the light comes on suddenly.
2.             The view silhouette
This is the view that occur in a condition where a dark object is in the background is so bright.

Then, the placement of street lighting systems is divided into two ways. So installation is not only related to street lighting design alone. The government need to know how to install the lighting correctly.

1.             Constantly placement system
Placement of street lighting systems is continuously along the road or bridge.
2.             Partial placement system

Placement of street lighting system in a certain area or a certain distance as required.

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