Does the Type of Street Lights That Do Not Attract Insects?

You can see many street lights throughout the cities and towns of the world. They provide visibility and safety at night, but some types of street lights attract insects. But there are several types of street lights that do not attract bugs the way that older lamps do.


LED Lighting 
New versions of light-emitting diode, or LED, lighting are more efficient and attract fewer flying insects than other traditional lighting. LED lighting has a long lifespan, but can be more expensive for municipalities to install initially. LED lamps are more directional and give off less light pollution. Buy led street light today and experience the pinnacle of technology in our modern city streets is the best choice.LED street lights provide extreme cost benefits that include reducing or nearly eliminating maintenance, extending lamp life up to 50,000 hours, and reducing heat output that results in environmental cooling savings. As we all know that, street lights throughout all of the streets, it leads to a very large additional demand for electricity. With led street lights, expending less energy and bring brighter world for us.

High-pressure sodium lighting 

High-pressure sodium, or HPS, lighting is highly efficient and does not attract as many flying insects as traditional lighting. HPS lights are five times more efficient than incandescent lights, and two times more efficient than mercury vapor lights, which are both used in street lamps in some cities. HPS lights have an orange-pink glow. They have been installed in some cities, like Los Angeles, to cut down on energy costs and maintenance.

Solar lighting 

Solar street lamps are highly efficient and do not attract flying insects. Solar lights get energy from the sun, so they consume less energy from the electrical grid. The light's life is up to 20,000 amp hours. Little to no heat is produced by the solar lamps. The street lights have solar panels connected to them to gather energy from the sun.

Low-pressure sodium lights 

Low-pressure sodium lights do not do not attract insects. They are efficient, and give off an orange-yellow light. The light gives off less light pollution at night, and is better for stargazers. The light will change the appearance of colors it illuminates, though, because of its orange-yellow glow.

All above street lights do not attract insects, so let's get rid of insects with them. Street lights that do not give off ultraviolet radiation are considered less attractive to flying insects. So selecting the best street lights for your street is the important feature of many cities and towns.

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