The Using of LED for Street Lamp

Have you ever noticed when crossing the street lamp night on the town? Imagine what happens if none of the lights that bright the streets. Despite there are lights on vehicles, but it produced less bright light. Still takes the role of street lights that can ensure the safety of motorists. One of the best types of light is LED (Light Emitting Diode). Actually, the use of these lamps have long been used as an indicator of 'ON' at electronic devices such as speakers, computer, television, radio and others. Along with the development of technology, LED lights are created as the most qualified.

LED lights have a higher price among other lamp types. The size of LED is very small. However, LEDs are last longer than incandescent bulbs. Let us try to compare LED and neon lights. Below is a comparison of LED bulbs with fluorescent bulbs and bulb. Then you will know the different of street lamp using LED. You can see how much effectiveness.



Incandescent lamps (bulb) are lamps that use thin filament and are on the glass vacuum. If the filament electrified, it will receive a high temperature and turned into heat. Thus, the light is emerging from the filament. The average age of this type of lamp is 1000 hours, much shorter than LED type lights. If the street lamp using incandescent bulbs, you can imagine how much it costs to be incurred by the government. So the use of incandescent bulbs may not be applied to street lamp.


Fluorescent light is a type of lamp that uses mercury vapor to create an ultra violet light (UV light). With this light, the phosphor coating inside the lamp glass will absorb it. So it can glow with a bright light. Despite the heat that is created from fluorescent lamps are not as hot as the light bulb. But there will be some energy is lost when the lights change to UV light turned into a bright light. The average age of the fluorescent lamp is 10,000 hours or 10 times the age of the light bulb. So its use for street lamp is rarely used.

Both of these lights have a negative impact on the environment because both wasteful use of electricity and the light produced is not comparable. Fluorescent lamps and bulb has a risk for rupture. Both types of these lights use glass and airtight room. While LEDs do not have at risk for rupture. LED is a lamp made of solid objects. LED lights are energy efficient street lamp eventually chosen as.

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