Street Lighting and Safety Rider

Almost in all regions has been installed neatly street lights will light up when night comes. The existence of light is very important for a rider. Street lighting and safety is so close related to a rider. Moreover, when the rainy season arrives, a person’s visibility can be reduced hindered by strong rain and fog, if it is possible. Choosing of street lights can not be done arbitrarily. The lives of many people are in the lighting installed neatly in the right and left of the road.

Installation of a street light is not only on the lamp model selection techniques, but also in installation techniques. The distance between one to other should not be too far away or too close. These conditions also have to take into account the viewing distance vision. If the distance is too dip, then a rider can get a trouble when ride a motorcycle and car. Street lighting and safety are closely related to the safety of someone driving at night. In fact, there are many accidents due to lack of maintenance of street lights. There are many lights broken and does not turn on. Its existence is so urgent.

The problem that often occurs in the street lights are the lights off before daybreak, damaged, drop batteries and missing bulbs. Unfortunately, the problem is not immediately addressed and eventually become a source of traffic accidents that cause many casualties. Not to mention the drunk driver. Dim street lights have already posed a great danger to the rider on the street. Knowledge of street lighting and safety should be well understood by those associated with the arrangement and maintenance of roads.

One type of lamp that has high quality is LED light. The durability can reach 30,000 hours. It is more durable when compared with the bulb or fluorescent. Moreover, both the lamp has a high risk to be broken. Thus, LEDs are now widely used by the public and has been used as street lights. LED is suitable as a pioneer of street lighting and safety on city streets. Some of the advantages are as follows:

         More durable,
         LED generated light not heat because it does not generate UV light and heat energy,
         Its size is small so easy to apply,
         LED generated light does not distort the colors around,
         Does not contain mercury,
         Save energy with efficiency up to 80% -90%.

An understanding of street lighting and safety can also be applied to the installation of street lights in the village. Lighting is needed wherever you are. Do not get the lighting just preferred the city streets. Therefore, the life of the rider is on the existence of the lamp. You should choose the right model when apply this lamp to light the street in front of your house.

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