Understanding The Street Lighting Legislation

Street lamp is a lamp that is used to light the road when the night comes. Therefore, the rider of motorcycle, bicycle and the driver can see clearly. It will increase of the safety of them. Lighting is the most important thing to care. With the street lights, the driver can see the street conditions. Provisions installation of lights is arranged in the street lighting legislation. Even in all the State, this provision has been applied. Given the importance of the role of a street lamp against the safety of driver, it is necessary to choose the appropriate type of lamp.


So far, the energy used for street lamps using electrical energy is supplied by the national electric company. Maybe you have seen the atmosphere of the streets in an area that is pitch black. Often found delinquent government power costs and lead to the extinction of a number of street lights. This situation is very dangerous driver at night time. It seems there are still many governments are not yet fully understood street lighting legislation. There are two alternative energy that can be used to make the lamp can light up the road all the time.

Solar cell

Solar powered street lights now being developed to address the problem of high electricity costs borne by the government. Previously, the solar cell is devoted to areas not reached by electricity very well, especially in rural areas. In the daytime the sunlight convert into electrical energy stored in a battery or batteries. In the evening, the stored energy is used to light the way. The development of alternative solar energy reinforces street lighting legislation that the existence of street lights is very important.

Wind power

Besides the solar cell, other alternative energy is wind power. The wind that blows every day can be used as an energy source. The trick, the wind will turn a generator that will produce electricity. Electrical energy will be used as a power to turn on the street lights. Unfortunately, this system is compatible in areas that have a high enough wind. Unlike a solar cell that can be found in almost all regions. Street lighting legislation is not asking the government to use certain energy. So that alternative energy can be applied in the right place.

The LED light is a type of light that is now widely used as street lights. Comparing bulb or fluorescent, LED has a greater advantage. Low-power LED lamp is capable of emitting light brighter. In addition, it is also more durable that will save energy and maintenance costs. Developed countries have now added a rule the use of lamp models in the street lighting legislation.

source image : en.wikipedia.org

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