Unique Design of LED Street Light Makes BLUEBOO Unique

As a world leading enterprise which devotes to providing municipal lighting management system and high-power LED solution, BLUEBOO adheres to high-quality products and solutions by continuous innovation. BLUEBOO focuses on producing intelligent LED street lights with elaborate design and easy assembly.

Unique Secondary optical design makes LED light cover the required lighting areas, which further improves the illumination efficiency and saves energy. All circuit and power adopt high-quality components. Each LED has solo over current protection.LED street light has features of unipolarity, no diffussion, high luminous efficiency. There is no need to install optical fiber additionally and no need rectifier. Lights can suit the original devices. LED street light's LM wane≤3%/year, can achieve the standard of road illumination after used 10 years; however, high voltage sodium light's LM wane≥30%/year.So LED street light's power design is lower than high voltage sodium light.

unique design of led street light makes blueboo unique

LED street light has automatic control energy-saving system, which can satisfy different time period illumination requirements. It reduces power and saves electricity as much as possible. With high luminous efficacy, LED street light's chip≥100 LM, can save energy up to over 75% compared with traditional HPS. LED is low voltage device, and driving each LED voltage is safe voltage. Single LED power is 1W, so it is a safer power supply than high-tension power supply, widely used in the public places(such as street lighting, factories and mines lighting, automobile lighting, civil lighting, etc).

The light form of LED lighting source is squareness after grading, suitable for street lighting. 
LED street light's power consumption is quite low,whose electronic power conversion efficiency is about 100%.Its expendable energy is less than 0.1W, which will save over 80% power compared with traditional light source. In addition, its lifespan can last over 50,000 hours.

All of LED street lights that BLUEBOO produces use high-end illuminant chips,namelyCREE chip-XPE. CREE is a famous LED chip manufacturer from US, whose products are made from SiC, GaN, Si and related compounds. With unique advantage for materials, all products are of high stability, very competitive in the world.

Considering temperature control of LED street light,BLUEBOO adopts the design of intelligent temperature control system. For traditional lights, the temperature increases as time goes by. Blueboo adopts leading technology in temperature control system to keep lights' temperature from increasing when reaching a certain level. It ensures the property of products, extends products' life span and reduces atmosphere heat.

Moreover, on the design, BLUEBOO implant intelligent infrared radiation sensor into LED street light. Traditional street light's brightness is fixed all the time. Energy is lost when no body passes by, which is a huge waste. BLUEBOO LED street light uses advanced intelligent infrared radiation sensor technology and adds more humanized design, still keep proper brightness when nobody passes by, which achieves the purpose of real energy conservation and emission reduction.

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