LED light production results Indonesian Student Work

Many young people of Indonesia, especially those students who excel in various fields. Both in the arena of local, national and even international.

Here is one of the achievements of Indonesian students who are second and third grade students in Vocational High School in the village of Al Kaaffah glued, District Kepanjen-Malang, East Java Province.

image source : http://dickyalkaaffahkpjn.blogspot.com/
Their creativity was amazing, some of the students in these schools are able to make LED lights are energy efficient and environmentally friendly, is not inferior to the artificial production of international class.

The results of their work in the form of LED lights that have been recognized in the country, and has secured orders for more than 25,000 units of LED lights that will be sold to the island and the island of Borneo.

The process of making the LED lights are as follows, first the raw material of Chinese companies that are still raw in the insert to the assembly unit. In assembling this unit students assemble power delivery, power cable to pull out the incandescent lamp.

Once this process is complete assembled, LED lights around the door of the test chamber. In the test chamber, some students began to test the durability of electrical power. Including, plays a key remote LED lights that will be sold freely in the market.

Some LED lights that pass the test, submitted to the quality control unit (QC). some students check back condition. After refinement, LED lights are ready for sale, packed in cartons corresponding generated power. LED lights are made with the power of 3, 5, 7 and 9 watts with different selling prices.

The entire production process of making environmentally friendly and energy-efficient LED lights, do not interfere with the student's learning process. Because the process is carried out on extracurricular hours and Saturday and Sunday, after hours of study completed.

Most of the production process is done manually and simple manual equipment by students, but the result is not inferior to the LED lighting products of international class company.

In the near future LED lights work Indonesian children will be patented and named Led Kaaff.

This is one of the proud achievement of Indonesian students, hopefully in the future will be much more other achievements in various fields of Indonesia's young generation.
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