Electrical Shock

For ordinary people, probably most of us fear when dealing with electricity, thank the mothers. They always told their children were still small, "do not go anywhere near electricity, you could be electrocuted". This assumption may not be wrong, but it is not entirely true.

Because, basically, electricity is divided into two, namely the direct current electricity and electrical alternating current. Direct current will not cause a shock, reverse alternating current which may cause an electric shock, and if people were electrocuted in a long time and a high voltage, it can lead to death. 

Electrical shock can cause death or lifelong disability
That is why every time in an area that is flooded, then the state power company will cut power to the area. Because the flood water may cause an electric shock which consequently can lead to death. Whenever there is a job repair or maintenance of electrical networks, it is usually the flow of electricity in the area to be repaired will be disconnected. 

This is to avoid unwanted incidents in which officers are working. But sometimes people do not want or do not understand about this, public opinion does not need to break up the flow of electricity, due to the power loss of their area, then the wheel will be disrupted people's lives. 

They are not thinking about the high risks associated with electrical work, ie to cause death. All jobs are at risk each of the different levels and types of risk. Likewise with electrical work, a lot of the risk faced by electrical officer, and the most fatal risk is a lifelong disability or death.

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