The Advantages of Low Voltage Lighting

A bright light should have a pretty good power because the lives of the riders are on it. Just imagine when people pass through the streets at night without any lights. There will be a lot of accidents that occur there. One type of lights used as street lights are LED. Light Emitting Diode is the prolongation of LED. This lamp is now used as a street lamp because it is a type of low voltage lighting. Unlike the less-efficient incandescent bulbs that has a high voltage.

LEDs are solid state devices and hardware that has a long durability. In addition, the LED only uses relatively low power consumption and age more than 50 thousand hours. In fact, according to predictions, with the low cost production of LED lights, in front of the other traditional bulbs will begin to be abandoned and mostly start switch to using LED lights. Different types of light from the LED light bulb for household, LED spotlights for the needs of commercial and industrial and street lighting LED lights. This low voltage lighting is being the government’s option to light up the city streets.

There are some tips that can be done to choose the low voltage lighting for the safety of the rider, there are:

                Buying according to standard calculations (30 watt solar panel at least 180 WP),
                Using existing driver or ISO 9002 TUV,
                Use battery deepcycle (30 watts minimum of 100 AH),
                Buy lamp with International standards and TUV,
                Beware of cheap but do not ask you disappointed,
                Buy to companies that provide official warranty,
                Use LVD lamp as an alternative.

Although LEDs are low voltage lighting, this lamp is not resistant to extreme environmental temperatures. If the ambient temperature is too high, the LED will experience against electrical interference. Then, the price of the LED is quite expensive. Each unit of the light from the LED lights has a high enough price that makes most people are reluctant to buy it. It is estimated that the price of LED lights twice that of fluorescent light or a light bulb.

The development of the LED lights continue to produce light color composition is balanced and has a long durability. Despite this low voltage lighting still have many shortcomings, LED presence has helped to suppress global warming and carbon emissions world. Therefore, the LED lamp is formed of a semiconductor material that was produced from carbon material.

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