How to Choose Landscape Lighting Appropriately

Today every house is decorated with various models of garden filled with a variety of plants. To enhance the appearance at night, the owner adds some accessories such as landscape lighting. There are various models of minimalist lamp that is currently available in the market. These lamps are not only spherical, but have been modified into various forms, such as the shape of mushrooms, flowers and other unique shapes. Classic newfangled lamp with minimalist concept is more popular because it seems cool and luxurious when compared with the lamp complex model.

When you apply the landscape lighting, there are really two functions you do. First, the lamps are as the lighting at night. You can sit back to enjoy the evening after feeling tired of work. Secondly, the light becomes an object that will beautify the garden. Spotlights are the type commonly used in the garden because it is able to display the character of the plant and buildings around the park. Try to choose a non-halogen lamp. You should choose energy-saving lamp designed specifically for exterior (outdoor). This type of lamp has advantages than other types of lamps used in the room.

When you buy a landscape lamp, note the index of protection (IP) on it. IP consists of two digit numbers. The numbers written on the front is the indicator of protection the elements of light solid. A range of numbers is from 0 to 8. If the number is getting bigger, the protection of the lamp will be higher. You are strongly advised to pay attention to the type of lamp when deciding to apply the landscape lighting. For if one chose, not just the look of the garden which became worse, but also in terms of security lights when installed.

If the protection index numbers are getting smaller, it means that the level of protection at the light is lower. For example, if the initial IP indicates the number 00, it means that the lights do not have a good protection. Good range of IP numbers is 44. This number shows you choose landscape lighting which have a good protection against solid objects whose diameter is more than 1 mm. In addition, the lights are also protected from splash water coming from all directions, like rainwater.

Tips on choosing landscape lighting do not stop at the selecting of any kind of lights. You are also required to follow the information on the placement of the lights according to the instructions listed in IP. You can ask the seller before applying light to your garden. Therefore, proper installation is necessary for the safety of your family and those around you.

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