Some Instructions for Solar street light installation

First, knowledge solar street light

Solar street lite components together with working rule Solar street lite was composed mainly past solar module, intelligent controller, maintenance-free batteries, light source, such every bit lite pole together with structural components. The working rule of solar street light is solar prison mobile phone components of solar radiations during the twenty-four hour period volition lives converted into electric energy, maintenance-free batteries to accuse the battery to the even past the lite origin to render electricity load, the lite origin automatically when inwards the dark. Intelligent controller for storage battery over-charge together with over-discharge, had placed the protection, together with the opened upwards fourth dimension together with switch fourth dimensions of the lite origin for control.

Some Instructions for Solar street light installation

Two, basis pouring

1). To make upwards one's mind the place of flooring lamp; reconnaissance geological conditions, if I meter of surface are soft soil, it should deepen the depth of excavation; At the same time, the place of the next digging to validate at that place are no other facilities (such every bit cables, pipes, etc.). There is no long fourth dimension shading objects at the height of street lamps, or desire to supersede the place appropriately.

2). In the legislature reserved the place of the light (excavation) inwards business alongside the criterion I cubic meter pit; for pouring place to the embedded parts. Embedded parts placed inwards the pit in the middle, PVC pipe threading on the strap pieces are embedded betwixt the other strap on the storage battery (as shown). Embedded parts to proceed the basis together with the master earth surface at the same grade (or screw the height together with at the same grade every bit the master earth surface, according to the venue may leave necessary), at that place is the side parallel alongside the road; thence the poles were erected inwards club to ensure that afterward the right without deviation. Then fixed inwards C20 concrete pouring, pouring out the procedure of vibration or daze stick to ensure that the overall compactness, solidity.

3). Construction completed together with timelyimmaculate-up place on the board of residue mud residue together with impurity inwards waste material crudeimmaculateing bolt on.

4). Concrete solidification process, it is necessary to conserve water from the fourth dimension of time; to live completely concrete solidification (typically to a greater extent than than 72 hours), inwards club to install the chandelier.

Third, the installation of solar panel

1). battery positive together with negative output components connected to the solar regulator at the quondam get got to get got measures to avoid short-access;

2). Solar prison mobile phone components alongside back upwards to connect with a firm together with reliability;

3).components of the output business should avoid exposure, together with firmly necktie bar;

4). The battery components to leave, heading towards the due south inwards club to scope betaken to prevail.

Fourth, the battery is installed

1). When the battery box nether the command of lite using lite get got to get got to foreclose the damaged command box;.

2). Between the battery cable bolt pressure level must live at the last on the battery together with the function of the copper pad to heighten the conductivity.

3). Output business connected to the battery nether whatever circumstances afterward the ban on break, then, to avoid harm to the battery.

4). The output business of batteries together with the controller poles must live linked through the PVC pipage threading.

5). The inwards a higher place is completed, check the controller side of the wiring to foreclose brisk  circumference. Well, afterward the normal pellucidance of the door command box.

Fifth, light installation

1). For each role of the fixed components: solar panels at solar panels fixed on a bracket, light holder fixed to the selection arm, together with thence selection stent arm together with fixed to the master bar, together with cable into the command box to wearable (battery box).

2) Lifting the poles earlier to check whether the stiff parts of fasteners, light installation is correct, whether it is normal for lit work. And inwards the uncomplicated, normal debugging system; unloose controller cable for solar panels, lite work; cable connected to solar panels, lights out; controllers simultaneously on the careful remark of changes inwards the indicator; all belong to the normal earlier lifting installation.

3). Lifting the master poles, the attending to condom precautions; screws fastening the absolute good, components angle towards the Sun such every bit the incorrect betoken of view, stop upwards required to adapt its management towards south.

4) The battery into the battery boxes volition live inwards accordance alongside the technical requirements of connecting lines connected to the controller; to access the battery, making the load, together with thence get got the solar panels; cable operator must pay attending to when the connexion alongside the controller on each of the terminals marked Then should non mistake, positive together with negative poles of the impact should not, should non get got anti-; otherwise, the controller volition live damaged.

5) Normal debugging system; unloose controller cable on solar panels, lights; cable connected to solar panels, lights out; controllers simultaneously on careful remark of changes inwards the indicator; all belong to the normal, good earlier closure command box.

6) Solar street lite Notes    
Star solar responsible to render users alongside the installation of street lite together with solar ability to render technical services together with advice. If the user to install lite at the ground, paying attending to the affair every bit follows:

1,.Solar street lights to solar radiations energy, radiations inwards the optical components on the battery if sufficient Sun lamps lite a straight touch on on results, thence the installation of lite at select locations, the battery components at whatever fourth dimension live able to get got exposure to sunlight, together with shelter materials, such every bit non-leaves.

2.When threading wire must non pay attending to the folder of the connexion at the poles. Wire connections should live firmly connected together with entangled alongside PVC adhesive tape.

3.When used, inwards club to ensure the appearance together with the battery components to ameliorate reception of solar radiation, you lot make immaculate a battery every half dozen months on the dust components, simply non bottom-up rinse water.
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