Street Lighting Design

The proper street lighting design is important for safety and security during the transportation. The street lighting designed to give comfort environment that make people can access quickly and accurately in identify objects in roadways. The street lighting is able to enhance, facilitate, safeguard and encourage the vehicle and pedestrian traffic. To design street lighting, it has standard that must be fulfill by street lighting design manufactures. There are several consideration and requirement for street lighting design.

The Street Lighting Design Criteria
The street lighting design criteria that must fulfilled for safety and comfortable street lighting design. The first is new or relocate street lighting or non-arterial streets that designed use for recent lighting. Next is arterial street lighting that should meet with the design criteria and system that customize with them.

Next is pedestrian lighting that typically specified into mounted n 12-14 feet above the sidewalk. Pedestrian lighting creates the friendly environment that benefit for business neighborhood district. The benefit of design of street lighting is increasing the safety in areas where the street lighting install, aids in geography orientation so people can help their way in search for well-lit focal point, to identify the highlights and history in area, and creates the drama effect.

Street Lighting Design Ways
There are several ways of use in street lighting design. The first and popular is for landscaping that become the positive attention into street and public area. Next is transit stop that enhance the security feel for people who are stop in bus stop, train and public amenities. Next is entrance that adds safety in around building entrances.

Next displacement is particularly edges building such as gatepost, specimen tree or fences that will help in define the interior space. Next is focal point installment such as lighted sculpture, bridges, fountains, and other elements that visible in passing pedestrians and vehicles that proved for way.

The Street Lighting Design Illuminate
Different source of illumination give different light into the area that installed with the street lighting. The metal halide result the soft light produce, in white glow that offer renders color in accurately. Meanwhile the high-pressure sodium typically specified to use in street city light fixtures that compromise with clear visual and detract any entire quality of nighttime urban environment.

Next is considering for height of illuminate. Higher lighting offer brighter road and perfect for car area but not for walking roadside.   Next is the wattage and type. As the luminaries height as lowered, the brightness should be adjusted that will not create the glare for pedestrian.  With the consideration of street lighting design, this will make your street safety and secure.

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