Smart Public Street Lighting Systems

Smart streetlighting system has been used in several major cities in several countries in the world such as Rome, Milan, Oslo and some other major cities in several countries. By applying this clever PJU system, many advantages and benefits that can be obtained by the public street lighting facilities Manager in particular or local governments in General.

Currently there are several large cities in Indonesia that implement smart street lighting systems, namely public Jakarta, Solo, Sleman, Bandung, Surabaya, Bengkulu, Denpasar and Suramadu bridge. And in the future it is hoped all cities in Indonesia can implement this system on street lighting in each area.

The advantages or benefits that can be felt by using this clever streetlighting systems such as:

1. The right solution for the conversion of electric energy in particular streetlighting
2. Can be controlled in full and real time remotely
3. Can set up Dim or bright light levels of street lighting automatically based on the situation and conditions in field
4. Save time and costs, because the settings can be done from a distance and does not require that officers should get around to check the condition of the lamp at any time.
5. Reduce the problems or the risk of theft of power which is done illegally by members of the community who are not responsible.
6. Get a lot of savings in financing public street lighting

In addition some of the advantages or benefits above, by applying this system can also be used to maintain the security of the environment or to monitor traffic conditions in real teams, by integrating it with the webcam. Data communication between the lamp using the power line communications technology (PLCs) while the main system data communication with the provider of the internet network is done via PJU via modem global system for mobile communication (GSM) that have been installed.

The cost of the necessary investment to implement public street lighting systems this smart is about 1.7 million per unit. If this system can be applied throughout the public street lighting throughout the city and Regency in Indonesia, it will be an awful lot of savings that could be done by each region, which ends would be able to increase the budegets can be converted and their use for development in other fields.

For example, if the system is applied to all existing street lighting in Jakarta, street lighting and diredupkan at 11 pm – 04 PM GMT, so power consumption is reduced up to 30%, then an estimate of the energy savings that are performed per year was 185 GWh or amounting to 169,78 billion rupiah per year.

That's a savings for Jakarta area alone, and if this system really can be applied in all regions in Indonesia, of course, an awful lot of energy and power costs that could be saved.

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