Installing an Outdoor Post Light

Homeowners who have decided to use an outdoor post light for safety and security have made a decision to install an important safety feature as well as adding beauty and light to their yard. This type of lighting is the most common type of lighting found in lawns and along neighborhood streets and highways. Outdoor post lights that are installed along streets and highways are typically called streetlights while the same lights installed in the landscape lighting plan are outdoor post lights and come in various types with various installations.

Most utility companies will install a streetlight or outdoor post light for a nominal fee. The homeowner simply puts in the request to the utility company and chooses where they want the light post placed. The utility company sends out a crew to install the pole and light fixture. Once installed it will power on at dusk and off at dawn through the use of photocells.

Homeowners who prefer a more decorative outdoor post light can shop their local home improvement store or online and find the one that suites their personal taste. There are many different types available some of which require the help of an electrical contractor to wire the lights and others that are solar powered and can be installed by the homeowner.

The pole that is used to install the light can also come in various materials and designs. In fact, some pole lights can be installed on existing fencing planks or deck spindles without the need for a separate pole being installed. On the other hand, homeowners can choose pole lights that have beautifully constructed poles designed to add a special touch to the yard rather than being simply a pole in the ground with a light attached to it.

If the pole is purchased the homeowner need to make sure it securely placed in the ground so that it does not fall as time passes. Concrete can be used in the hold to help secure the pole. If the pole light needs electricity, the electrical contractor will need to be able to access a power source, a consideration that needs to be checked before final placement and purchase of the pole.
Installing an outdoor post light does not have to be a massive undertaking. Using a solar light fixture and existing fence posts or spindles is one easy way to get an outdoor post light. Another simple method is to have the utility company install one and pay their monthly fee. Either way, the light that is provided by the post light will provide a safer, more secure nighttime yard for homeowners and guests to enjoy.

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