Commercial Street Lights

A darkened street front is just an invitation to criminals to break into your business at night. Security is just one of the many reasons that business owners such as you decide to install commercial street lights. You might also like the freedom to decide upon the style for yourself, rather than the cold, Spartan look offered by local governments. The aesthetic reasons are another common purpose for installing your own commercial street lights. The practical appeal of commercial flood lighting a business sign might also lead you toward street lamps.

Your business is an important investment, and you will need to keep it safe from criminals. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have your workplace well lit with outdoor security lighting during overnight hours. This will not only keep your property secure, but it will make your employees feel safer as they come and go during darkened hours. As your workers walk to their cars along the road, they should have their paths lit by commercial street lights. This will keep them from tripping, and it will discourage assaults and robberies. Even if you have several security cameras on your property, you need to keep in mind that they will work best when they are directed toward a well-lit area. If your business is burglarized, you will be able to more clearly see the criminal from the camera footage if there is light coming from your street lamps.

There are many decorative options for commercial street lights, and in most cases you can have your poles custom designed. This allows you to create a look for your street lights that closely matches the architecture of your business. If your city has modernly styled street lamps, but your business is old fashioned, you could decide to use more traditional light poles. You can find electric lights that resemble copper gas lanterns, or might even be real, working gas lanterns. Stylistically, commercial street lights can be found to accommodate any tastes.

You might also need commercial street lights or landscape flood lights in order to illuminate a sign to direct customers to your business. If they cannot see your company from the street, they will be more likely to bypass it, and go elsewhere. This can cost you in lost revenue, something no business owner wants to happen. Another way that your lights can save you money is through savings on your energy bill. If you choose the right sort of energy efficient light bulbs, you can save hundreds of dollars a year, depending upon the number of lights you have. You will need to know that energy efficient light bulbs do not operate well in sub-zero temperatures. If you work in a cold climate, you will need to purchase special sub-zero ballast for your street lights to ensure that they will light on even the harshest of winter days.

If you want to install commercial street lights or accessories, check with your local government to see if there are permits you need or paperwork to be filed. There likely will be. Ask a local contractor in the area who installs street lights the procedure he follows. You might have to submit a drawing and project specifications before you begin, but once you start, if you are unsure of how to proceed, consult an expert in lighting. He can help to give you the guidance you need to install your commercial street lights.

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