LED Street Light

Recently sodium and mercury lamps used for street lighting, which is used to consume a lot of energy. Scientists want to find alternative sources for this and. LED lighting has been found. These lights are very cost effective and well designed for environmental sustainability.

LED Street Structure

In light of the use of light emitting diodes as a light source. They are considered an integrated lamp for lighting and lamps are not separate parts. Optics are sealed in the panel, and then mounted on the LED panel with a heat sink to be integrated fixture.
led lightting for street lighting industry
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Advantages Over Conventional Lamps

Traditional street lighting has a reflector on the back of an incandescent lamp. This provision affects the brightness of the fluorescent light and causing unnecessary pollution. Lighting is also dangerous for the rider. In contrast lighting LEDs have a lens on the LED panels are designed to emit light in a rectangular pattern which is an advantage over traditional lamps.

Different LEDs have been created to combine various types of it in the luminaire. The modern trend for high power LEDs but some companies use low power packed together act as a single force causing high LED.

Environmentally Friendly Option

This is the best option for cities to implement LED lights because it can save a lot of money. It is also environmentally friendly because carbon emissions are significantly lower. Maintenance costs are also much lower for a period of ten years.

LED lights if purchased from a reliable manufacturer is equipped with an electronic system within and outside the institution. Being eco-efficient and energy choices are not only productive, but also have a longer lifetime than conventional lamps, LED lamps are the only safe option for every home, office and street. Before you plan to buy them, always make sure you buy the original manufacturer vendor / to get full value for your money.

LED streetlight applications

LED is very flexible; adapt to a variety of lighting applications and offers the energy flow and maximum economy during the day. In addition to roads and streets, they can be used for parking lot lighting, narrow streets, gas stations and many other public places with virtually no maintenance. Modification of this technology is definitely the choice of the most environmentally responsible, respectful and installation help to make the earth a better place.

The application by the manufacturer of LED lights

In India, many NGOs have started campaigning against the exploitation of non-renewable resources. They encourage people to use energy-saving bulbs to save energy so that non-renewable resources can be protected for long. There are many companies that have entered this segment, namely Osram Lighting Superlite.

LED street lights have been installed or proposed for installation in a few large cities and small towns all over the world. It also has wide application program in the UK to replace the LED lights.

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